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The Dennis De La Rosa Scholarship was created in loving memory of Dennis De La Rosa. Dennis always had a passion for education. He graduated from Jones College Prep in the Spring of 2008 and continued his education at Moraine Valley Community College. After two years at Moraine Valley, Dennis completed his bachelors degree from University of Illinois at Chicago, and graduated on May 5, 2012. Being an undocumented student, Dennis did not qualify for financial assistance, which forced him to find a job to pay for his education. Dennis was able to juggle school full-time and work, still managing to graduate with over a 3.4 GPA.

This scholarship is intended to assist undocumented youth from the Chicagoland in reaching their dream of attending a four year college or university.The team is comprised of some of Dennis De La Rosa’s closest friends and family members. Following the loss of Dennis, they came together to ensure that his story carried on.

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